Unloved Heritage?  is about engaging, enthusing and inspiring young people throughout Wales to get involved with their local heritage. It’s inspiration, creativity and fun. It’s discovering new places and trying new things.

Unloved Heritage? comprises seven regional projects, led by young people and heritage organisations across Wales.

Each of the seven projects was developed with young people and local partners. They’re all different, to make sure that they fit in with the region’s archaeology and its people.


Using activities ranging from traditional archaeology to virtual reality, from recording music to recording buildings, and from cycling to canoeing, young people have worked with us to create appealing activities.

They’re all designed to get young people exploring the heritage world around them, and telling the stories of their explorations. These stories will be a powerful legacy; to help interpret local heritage sites.

Contact details for the project officers are on each page – get in touch; we’d love to hear from you!